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MaxCredible is the European market leader for Customer Credit Management Software.

The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management App helps clients worldwide to improve cashflow by delivering contact to cash cloud software. All stakeholders will be involved in the process of speeding up dunning for 50% while lowering collection costs for 50% at the same time.

The MaxCredible innovative products and services help companies all over the world to shorten the order-to-cash cycle and reduce Credit Management costs at the same time.

MaxCredible was established in 2000 and operates globally. Every single day we take on new customers in Europe in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Spain. MaxCredible focuses completely on continual product development and extending its range of services. MaxCredible therefore has authorized partners for training, secondments, collections, consultancy and connections.

Moreover, MaxCredible collaborates closely with universities and other centers of learning with the development of the next generation of MaxCredible products. MaxCredible's brand values are speed, high-tech communications and transparency.

The innovative MaxCredible software delivers all the management disciplines and resources required to significantly speed up the order-to-cash cycle and for substantially lower operating costs. 


Maxcredible Customer Credit Management (in short)

Unique Features

Functionaliteiten garantie!

Bent u het zat om elke keer tegen creditmanagement software aan te lopen die belangrijke functionaliteiten missen? Goed nieuws, vanaf nu heeft u daar geen last meer van, want MaxCredible heeft een functionaliteiten garantie!

Heeft het management wensen m.b.t. de functionaliteiten in het product die nog niet zijn geïntegreerd in de applicatie? Dan bouwt MaxCredible deze functionaliteiten kosteloos in het product. 

Voor perspectief, 99% van de wensen van de MaxCredible gebruikers over de afgelopen 15 jaar zijn kosteloos toegevoegd aan het product.

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