Does your credit management have enough functionalities?

Credit management can provide extremely notable advantages in the business environment, such as faster and more complete debt recovery, better cash flow management, and savings. MaxCredible is a European market leader in the credit management system over the past 20 years. Our dedicated team is working consistently in improving our service to meet the needs of advancing technology. We need your help in making MaxCredible the best in class credit management system.
We at MaxCredible are conducting online market research to make us more innovative and flexible. We are also keen to know all the missing functionalities in your current credit management system that would benefit you. Please help us by participating in the online survey below and tell us about your credit management experience. Your input will help us improve and build a better credit management system in the future.

 Did you subscribed to any credit management system?

 Do you face difficulties regarding credit worthiness and dunning with your clients?

 Do your current credit management app supports to do business with global markets?

 Has credit management app been useful with your business metrics?

 What trends will you see impacting credit management in future?

 Does your current credit management system affect your finances and business relations with your clients?

 What changes would you like to add to your current management system?

 Would you like to change your current credit management system?