Maxcredible Customer Credit Management

What can Maxcredible Customer Credit Management do for you?

All stakeholders will be involved in the proces of speeding up dunning for 50% while lowering collection costs for 50% at the same time.


The innovative MaxCredible Customer Credit Management software delivers all the management disciplines and resources required to significantly speed up the order-to-cash cycle and for substantially lower operating costs. 

MaxCredible makes it possible to automate a large part of the Credit Management process without the need for large investments or incurring high maintenance charges. You only pay a fixed subscription fee for each user.

The MaxCredible software also helps to increase both customer and employee satisfaction levels.

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What can Maxcredible Customer Credit Management offer you?

MaxCredible offers a wide range of applications for many types of users and businesses.

MaxCredible has been developed as a rapidly deployable and cost effective credit management solution. All the relevant parties become involved in the process, from the internal sales departments through to external collection agencies and credit bureaus. 


MaxCredible App Users:


Employing various subscriptions, MaxCredible is available in companies for the following employees:
• Credit manager (Professional Subscription with complete system access)
• Management - CEO, CFO, COO, logistics directors, production directors, marketing directors, sales directors (Modular Subscription with access to reports and reporting)
• Persons dealing with issues, representatives, customer care employees, logistics managers, production managers, product managers (Modular Subscriptionwith to access specific issues to be dealt with)

MaxCredible App Uses:


Credit Management

MaxCredibel Customer Credit Management software primary use is to support your Credit Management department. 

It helps translating your creditmanagement strategy in an operational proces. 

The issue management proces supports the workflows that help you solve any financial and non-financial issues.

Finaly the reporting system gives management information about payment behaviour of your clients, the effectiveness of your dunning proces and how financial issues like late payment are caused by the overall proces in your company.  



MaxCredible software is ideal for supporting various levels of outsourcing. We can define three different levels of outsourcing for credit management.

• Intensive care

• Medium care

• Low care

Each level has its own credit management requirements and furthermore, different employees are involved with both the outsourcing party and the customer at each level.

MaxCredible looks after the outsourcing of credit management with a single, comprehensive solution by a customised setup of the standard Customer Credit Management System. Contact us for further information!


Factoring can be implemented simply and professionally with MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Software supplemented with MaxCredible Collections software.

It is possible to maintain 24/7 contact with the customers using the online application thereby settling issues rapidly resulting in maximisation of debtor purchases and customer prices.

This makes factoring even more effective and cheaper and a win-win situation for both the customer and the factoring company. It can be implemented using our standard software. Contact us for further information!

Soft factoring

The introduction of factoring is far-reaching for both the customer and the customer's customers. In order to implement the purchase of receivables, a 24/7 insight to the debtor file is needed as well as the actions undertaken for collecting the debts.

The current method of doing this involves shifting the responsibility and implementation of customer credit management over to the factoring company.

However, in a combination of MaxCredible Customer Credit Management software supplemented by MaxCredible Collections software, it is possible to obtain a 24x7 insight to the debtor file including the actions being undertaken to make the collections, while the customer is simultaneously following up the debtors as well.


This can be implemented using our standard Customer Credit Management software.

A win-win situation for the customer, the customer's customer and the factoring company.

Contact us for further information!

Maxcredible Customer Credit Management

Unique Benefits

A selection of our Clients

Regelmatig starten de VVCM CreditManagement cursussen  in Utrecht.

Bij aanschaf van een MaxCredible CCMS Professional licentie ontvangt u 50% korting op een van de VVCM creditmanagementcursussen waarmee u start of waarbij u instroomt. 

In het verleden al een VVCM opleiding gevolgd, of nog bezig?

Ook op opleidingen gevolgd sinds 2010 of lopende opleidingen krijgt u alsnog 50% korting bij aanschaf van een Maxcredible Professional licentie. Zie de voorwaarden op de MaxCredible website. 

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Steek er boven uit met een VVCM opleiding. 50% korting bij aankoop van een MaxCredible licentie.

Wat kan het VVCM Credit Management Opleidingspakket voor u betekenen?

Wilt u een stap vooruit in uw loopbaan? De VVCM biedt drie gerenommeerde en hoog gewaardeerde opleidingen op het gebied van credit management:

Certified Credit Practitioner® (mbo+)
Certified Credit Controller® (ho)
Certified Credit Manager® (hbo+)

De opleidingen leiden u door het vakgebied heen, zowel op operationeel, tactisch als op strategisch niveau. Alle drie zijn door het CPION (Centrum Post Initieel Onderwijs Nederland) erkend.

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Steek er boven uit met een VVCM  opleiding.  50% korting bij aankoop van een MaxCredible licentie.
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